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RTID Gateway NB-IOT (4G/5G)

RTID Gateway NB-IOT (4G/5G)

Tavahind 1.240,00 NOK
Tavahind 1.640,00 NOK Müügihind 1.240,00 NOK
Soodustus Välja müüdud
Andmeside tellimus (SIM-kaart)

Hind sisaldab jooksva aasta andmetellimust (väärtus 400 NOK)

MAQ 10 (minimaalne tellimiskogus)

RTID gateway scan and read the ear tags displayed up to 50 meters from the gateway. The gateways then process and send the data to RealTimeID servers in the cloud. You will get an overview of all your animals. See the RTID App for full details and functionality.

The number of RTID gateways needed varies.
- In the barn, it may be enough with one gateway and a couple of gateways in the outdoor areas.
- With free roaming, we recommend 10%-30% gateways in relation to ear tags. For breeds with a strong herd instinct, 10% gateways may be enough.
- The gateways can be placed near mineral stones or other places where the animals stay.

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