RealTimeID AS

is a Norwegian private hold company where several key people have experience with sheep and reindeer farming in addittion to development of complex software solutions for several industries.

The company aims to take a leading position in precision livestock farming within extensive agriculture to promote efficient and sustainable animal welfare and food safety in the world.

RealTimeID was started by a reindeer owner, a sheep farmer and technology entrepreneur, based on opportunities around the upcoming new requirement for ID marking of reindeer.

  • The idea

    was to offer reindeer owners a suitable ear tag with more advantages than the traditional visual and RFID tags.

    The company entered into pilot customer contracts with three reindeer owners and received start-up funds from Innovation Norway.

  • Along the way

    the idea matured to include several animal species and Innovation Norway demanded that the company hire the patent board to check whether the product had "freedom to operate". Innovation Norway contributed with the financing of the patent applications prepared by a recognized European IPR law firm.

  • Our desire

    is to create an ear tag that would allow the animals to communicate important information with their owner, such as identity, location, activity and welfare information, through an ultra-light ear tag with a lifetime lifespan.

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