• Autogenerated livestock registry

    Use less time counting and updating your livestock registry. RTID ear tags broadcast the animals ID into the registry for you.

  • Autogenerated pedigree book

    RTID Matching suggest relationships between mothers and offspring. Accept suggestions and update your pedigree book with the new borns.

  • Realtime livestock monitoring

    Use your mobile to gain insight into each animal. See them in a registry or on a map, with colors indicating how they are doing.

  • Automatic synchronizing

    With RTID API, you are able to automatic export or synchronize data to your livestock management and other systems.

    Farmers increasingly have to report their performance to retailers, food processors and governments.

    Such as accurate identification, livestock registers and pedigrees, movement reports, traceability and animal welfare.

    And think how wonderful it would be if the animals could communicate with you and give you insight into each one of them.....with a system that automate several of the administrative tasks

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