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Yearly subscription per animal-ID in the registry

Choose only monitoring or with activity

Discount matix: >200/10% >500/25% >1000/40%

Monitor all your animals. See them with VID, EID and MAC in the animal register or on a map. You can edit the animals' data and vital state. You can export the registry including familyconnections manually to Excel.

Upgrading with activity, gives you information about the activity level of your animals, family and group deviations. Traffic lights will indicate how they are doing. In the next versions, you will also be able to configure sensitivity, and thresholds for notifications and alarms for more precise information. The app may ask you questions a few times to help the algorithm learn your animals even better. Ex. questions regarding an animal's activity, your answer may be the diagnoses or the cause of the animal's stress.
You can export the registry incluced activity and GPS data manually to Excel.

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