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New gateway - RTID Orbit (pre-order open)

New gateway - RTID Orbit (pre-order open)

30% OFF, for the first 1000 pre-ordered rechargeable gateways

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RealTimeID started 2021 by developing a state-of-the-art eco-friendly rechargeable gateway designed for high-performance collection and processing of data from ear tags. The design works very well with a collar around the neck of the animals or in the single charger that acts as a wired gateway in a barn.

After 2 years of experience with NB-IOT/LTE-M (4G/5G), we learned that the suitability of the technology varies in several countries. Based on this experience, we decided to explore beyond well-known technologies before finalizing and starting mass production of the gateway. We have tested state-of-the-art satellite internet connection and Wifi for stationary use in barns and shelters, which will give you better capacity and coverage.

Mass production is scheduled to begin in early 2025.

How gateways works?
RTID gateway scan and read the ear tags displayed up to 50 meters from the gateway. The gateways then process and send the data to RealTimeID servers in the cloud. You will get an overview of all your animals. See the RTID App for full details and functionality.

The number of RTID gateways needed varies.
- In the barn, it may be enough with one gateway and a couple of gateways in the outdoor areas.
- With free roaming, we recommend 10%-30% gateways in relation to ear tags. For breeds with a strong herd instinct, 10% gateways may be enough.
- The gateways can be placed near mineral stones or other places where the animals stay.

Pre-Order Conditions - rechargeable gateway

The rechargeable gateway takes new steps in development by adding a high-capacity satellite modem and local Wi-Fi. We aim to start mass production 2025.

The pre-order price requires payment by credit card or pre-payment.

RTID Gateway chargeable batteries- documentation

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