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RTID Gateway

RTID Gateway

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Internet connection

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How Gateways Work:

1. Scanning and Reading:

  • Function: RTID gateways are equipped to scan and read ear tags from up to 50 meters away. This ensures a wide coverage area for tracking and monitoring the animals.

2. Processing and Transmission:

  • Data Handling: Once the ear tags are scanned, the gateways process the collected data locally.
  • Data Transmission: The processed data is then sent to RealTimeID servers in the cloud. This transmission can be through various internet connections such as 4G NB-IOT, 5G LTE-M, or satellite internet, depending on the gateway variant.

3. User Access:

  • Overview: Users get a comprehensive overview of all their animals through the data sent to the cloud.
  • App Integration: Full details and functionalities can be accessed via the RTID App, providing real-time insights and management options.

Placement and Quantity of Gateways:

1. Indoor and Outdoor Areas:

  • Barn: Often, a single gateway is sufficient to cover the entire barn area.
  • Outdoor Areas: A few additional gateways may be required to ensure full coverage in the outdoor areas where animals roam.

2. Free Roaming:

  • Percentage-Based Deployment: For free-roaming animals, it is recommended to deploy gateways based on the number of ear tags:
    • 10%-30% Ratio: The ideal number of gateways ranges from 10% to 30% of the total number of ear tags. For breeds with strong herd instincts, the lower end of this range (10%) might be sufficient.

3. Optimal Placement:

  • Strategic Locations: Gateways should be placed in areas where animals frequently gather, such as near mineral stones or other common resting or feeding spots. This ensures maximum coverage and data collection efficiency.

Variants of Gateways and Internet Connection:

1. Rechargeable Gateways with Satellite Internet Connection:

  • Description: Designed for high performance and eco-friendliness, these gateways are rechargeable and compatible with satellite internet connections, offering extensive coverage even in remote areas.
  • Usage: Ideal for use in collars around the neck of animals or as stationary gateways in barns with a wire connection.
  • Availability: Set to enter mass production in 2025.

2. Rechargeable Gateways with 5G LTE-M:

  • Description: These rechargeable gateways leverage 5G LTE-M technology for robust and efficient data collection and processing. They ensure better capacity and coverage for data transmission in various environments.
  • Usage: Versatile usage options including attachment to animal collars or as wired stationary gateways in barns and shelters.
  • Availability: Also scheduled for mass production in 2025.

3. One-Time Use Battery Gateways with 4G NB-IOT:

  • Description: Featuring inbuilt one-time use batteries, these gateways utilize 4G NB-IOT connections. This variant has been in use based on RealTimeID's early experiences since 2022.
  • Usage: Suitable for areas where 4G NB-IOT technology is effective.
  • Availability: Currently in use until the new rechargeable gateways become available in 2025.

RTID Gateway 4G (NB-IOT)

RTID Gateway Orbit (chargeable batteries) - documentation

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Pre-Order Conditions - rechargeable gateway

The rechargeable gateway takes new steps in development by adding a high-capacity satellite modem and local Wi-Fi. We aim to start mass production 2025.

The pre-order price requires payment by credit card or pre-payment.

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