• 1. Tag with RTID ear tags

  • 2. Place some RTID gateways

  • 3. Start using the RTID App

Video instructions

First, tag your animals with RTID ear tags (Step 1)

The video shows how to replace your old ear tags with RTID ear tags

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Apply the RTID ear tag

Second, place some RTID gateways among your animals or download the gateway app (Step 2)

The video shows you how to mount gateways in the barn or for use with collars on your animals.

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Mount RTID gateway

Third, start using the RTID App (step 3).

The video shows you how to create account, login and use RTID App

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Get started with RTID App

How It Works - Summary

Once tagged, data collection from your animals begins automatically. The RTID App displays your animals with their IDs in a register or on a map, showing each animal's location and activity level. You can identify deviations in families or defined groups and detect missing animals. The more data collected, the more accurate your insights into your livestock become, including matching mothers with their offspring and generating a complete pedigree.

Additionally, you can connect directly to the ear tags with your mobile device to count and analyze all the animals you see—or don't see—in front of you.