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RTID Starter Kit for Sheep and Cattle

RTID Starter Kit for Sheep and Cattle

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RTID Starter Kit Overview

The RTID Starter Kit is designed to provide an easy and affordable introduction to RealTimeID's plug & play solution for animal tracking and management. It offers a comprehensive package that includes all necessary hardware and software components, ensuring a seamless setup and operation.

Features and Benefits

Ease of Use:

  • Plug & Play Solution: The starter kit is designed for simplicity, allowing users to set up and start using the system quickly without technical expertise.

Comprehensive Package:

  • Ear Tags: 20 RTID Smart ear tags are included, enabling precise tracking and data collection.
  • Ear Tag Applicator: A tool for easy application of the ear tags to animals.
  • Gateways: 3 RTID battery-driven gateways with pre-installed SIM cards for out-of-the-box cellular connectivity.
  • Collars: 3 collars to secure the gateways to the animals if needed.
  • App Access: Instructions for signing up to the RTID App, providing full functionality and real-time data access.


  • Flexible Expansion: Users can scale their RTID solutions without worrying about hardware, connectivity, cloud infrastructure, manufacturing, certification, or logistics.
  • Pre-Installed SIM Cards: Ensures immediate cellular connectivity, simplifying the initial setup process.


  • Free Shipping: The kit includes free shipping, reducing initial costs.
  • First Year Free Subscription: The subscription service is free for the first year, allowing users to evaluate the system without ongoing costs. Subscriptions can be renewed or canceled after the first year.


  • Maximum One Starter Kit Per Customer: To ensure that all interested users have the opportunity to test the system, the offer is limited to one starter kit per customer.

Included in the RTID Starter Kit

  • 20x RTID Smart Ear Tags
  • 1x Ear Tag Applicator
  • 3x RTID Battery-Driven Gateways
  • 3x Collars
  • App Sign-Up Instructions

The RTID Starter Kit provides a complete solution for testing and implementing RealTimeID’s animal tracking technology, making it ideal for new users looking to explore advanced tracking capabilities.

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