First, you need to tag your animals with RealTimeID ear tags (step 1). Once you have tagged your animals, you can begin collecting data from your animals.

The video shows how to replace your old ear tags with RTID ear tags

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Apply the RTID ear tag

Second, in addition to RTID ear tags, you need to place some gateways among your animals (step 2). The ear tags broadcast data every 10 seconds with a range of up to 50 meters. To capture this data, you need gateways that send the information to the cloud. You can also connect directly to the ear tags with your mobile, for example to count and analyse all the animals you see "or not see" in front of you.

The video shows you how to mount gateways in the barn or for use with collars on your animals.

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Mount RTID gateway

Third, start using the RTID App that shows your animals with ID in a register or on a map (step 3). A report with location and activity level is included with each animal. You can also see deviations in families or defined groups and if any are missing. The more data collected, the more accurate insight you will have into your livestock.

The video shows you how to create account, login and use RTID App

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Use RTID App